Mathematics Resources

Teacher Resources

Adding It Up:  Helping Children Learn Mathematics  this is an online book that addresses issues regarding teaching mathematics to children in grades K-8.

Clearinghouse for Mathematics Education   site provides access to the best information available for teaching mathematics, along with ERIC .

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse  this website provides lots of resources for teaching math.

Helping Children Learn Math  this is an online book that provides strategies and techniques for helping children learn math in grades K-8.

Kathy Schrock's Math Resources

Math Lesson Plans  resource for math lesson plans for the PK-12 math teacher.

NASA Regional Teacher Resource Center   located Wheeling, WV.

NCTM On-Math Journal   combines online high quality teacher resources and dynamic interactive tools for the teaching and learning of school mathematics.

Pastelina Puzzles  interactive logic puzzles (not all require a password).

Patterns pattern blocks, tesselations and manipulatives

PBS Teacher Resources  lesson plans and activities.

Problem of the Week  this is a math internet contest for all ages sponsored by the University of Mississippi.

Puzzles  interactive problem solving puzzles that include math, geometry, and more.

Student Math Notes  ready to use math activities for students in grades 5-10 by NCTM.

Teachers First   websites and lesson plans to support teaching math.

Texas Instruments - Calculators

Web Bytes    online resources of interest for all math teachers (maintained by NCTM).

Yahooligans search   engine for Science and Nature, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Music Education, and Art Education.

Websites for Students


AAA Math   a website for elementary and middle school math students for review of basic math skills through interactive practice, explanations, and challenging games. 

A+ Math  an interactive site for students to improve their math skills through games, flashcards, and homework help. 

Ask a Math Expert  website provides links to mathematics experts that you can ask seek help in answering your math questions. 

Ask Dr. Math  resource for solving math problems.

Base Ten Blocks  this website is an interactive game using virtual flat, rod, and unit manipulatives to learn place value.

Basic Math Skills  review of basic math skills for elementary and middle school students.

Cool Math   games, brain teasers, puzzles, and more for elementary students.

Cyberchase  lots of math activities by PBS.

Homework Help  math homework help for K-12 students.

Kids Math   review of math skills for K-8 students.

Mathgems math resources for students, teachers, and parents.

Math Counts   math problems of the week.

Math Dictionary   lots of definitions, examples, activities, and practice.

Mr. Ptonyak's Pyramid Puzzle  an interdisciplinary project designed for middle school (4-8) math students to determine how much it would cost to build an Egyptian pyramid today.

Online Flashcards  addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication flashcards for elementary students.

Tangrams  this is a movie about what you can do with this Chinese puzzle.

Tangram Puzzles  this website provides over 300 puzzles involving tangrams.

Virtual Math  virtual manipulatives for interactive math.

Webmath site   provides help for solving math problems, along with step by step solutions.

Yahooligans search   search engine for Math Education.

Dad's Worksheets   Math worksheets to enhance your child's problem solving.

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