Netiquette and Internet Safety

Fourth Grade - Elementary

    The following are rules to guide you through effective and safe Internet use:

    1. If you come to an inappropriate site, let the teacher know immediately!

    2. If someone is trying to contact you, let the teacher know immediately!

    3. Never give out your password to anyone for any reason!

    4. Do NOT give out your home address, parents work address, or school information. This also holds true for telephone numbers.  Make sure all personal information is NOT discussed over the web.

    5. You should NOT use your real last name while you are on-line, especially if it is unusual.

    6. Be courteous to everyone you are communicating with and respect them.

    . Do not open any emails when you do not recognize the sender.  When in doubt, ask the teacher or your parents for assistance.

    8. Don't reply to any e-mail messages if you feel that they are offensive, strange, mean or upsetting to you.

    9. Never agree to "meet" others that you have met online.  Always let the teacher or your parent know if someone tries to meet with you.

    10. Do NOT forward emails without the permission of your parents or teacher.

    11.Don't send scanned pictures of yourself or your family to anyone unless you have your parent's approval.

    ***Other rules to keep in mind*** Remember that email and other online activities such as chat rooms are not private.  Do not use chat rooms unless they are recommended by the teacher.  Remember to not only be safe on the internet, but also be courteous to everyone that you are communicating with.

    Golden Rule: Stop right away if you see or read something on a Web site that is upsetting or offensive to you.  WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK FOR HELP!  It is always better to ask for assistance if you are not sure to ensure yours and other's safety while working online. 


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