Questions to ask yourself

while reading


     This site not only includes questions that are essential to teach students how to ask while they are reading, but the questions can also be used in all the activities of the class.  It is necessary to review these main domains with the children and model them as you read a book.  Describe how your mind works as you are reading and what it is thinking about during the reading process.  A good suggestion is to have students look at one domain for homework.  For instance, have the students practice on making visual images while they read their assignment and the next day discuss what it was like.


Questions to ask yourself

while reading



  • Did the text remind you of anything that you know about?
  • Did you make any connections to your own life or to the world?
  • Did you make any connections to another text?
  • Did you make any connections from one part of the text to another?


  • Did you make any predictions as you read?
  • Did you test predictions as you read along?
  • Did you make interpretations?
  • Did you revise interpretations as you read further?
  • Did you combine background knowledge and explicit information from the text to answer questions?
  • Did you make judgments or conclusions not specifically stated in the text?

Asking Questions

  • What did you wonder about as you read the text?
  • What questions did you have before you read the text?
  • What questions do you have after you have read the text?
  • What did you want to ask the author?
  • What questions o you have now?

Determine Importance

  • Are there some parts of the text that are more important than others?
  • What words, sentences, ideas, or themes stood out as especially important?  Why?

Mental Images

  • Did you create any mental images in your head as you read the text?
  • Did the images come from different senses?
  • Did images come from your emotions?
  • Did the images build on each other and change as you read further?


  • Did you connect different parts of the text to create an overall meaning or theme?
  • How did you decide what the text was really about?
  • If you were to tell another person what the text is about in a few sentences, what would you tell them?

Appropriate Fix-Up Strategies

  • Did you have any problems understanding the text?
  • Where did your comprehension break down?  Why?
  • What techniques did you use to solve your problems?


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