A Guide to Searching the Internet:


This website is designed for students to help them understand the proper techniques used in searching the Internet.  The site includes a top ten list of effective search techniques along with some of the web's most popular search engines and meta-crawlers.  After each is a description of what the search has to offer.  Near the bottom of the page you will find student friendly searches that filter hits and even two searches that are located on Rightengle.com. 


Techniques for Effective Internet Searches:

Grade 5

1.  Be specific.  Make sure you type exactly what you are looking for.  Narrow your phrases if your search gives you too many results.

2.  If you at first do not succeed, try, try again.  Try another search engine if you don’t find your information.

3.  Use symbols to help you refine your search,  Below are three common examples of symbols that can help narrow your searches.

Must Include the Term (AND) +
Must Exclude the Term (NOT) -
Searches for all the endings *
Searches for synonyms of the words typed ~
Searches for pages with either the first OR the second word OR
Must Include the Exact Phrase " "

4.  If the word or phrase that you are searching does not bring information up that you want, try choosing a different word that means the same thing.

5.  Instead of using a search engine, if you are on a site that you believe has the content you want, look for a "site search" that searches the whole site.  If there is not one of these try clicking on edit, then find and type the word that you are looking for.

6.  Become familiar with the search engine.  Use all of the features to help you refine what you are looking for.

7.  Use directories to help you narrow down what you are looking for.  In some searches, directories can aid you even more than the search itself.

8.  If you are searching for a telephone number, just type the area code and full number to find who it belongs to.

9.  If you want to search for content on a specific site, type: the word you are looking for site:the site you want to look on Example: admission site:www.bloomu.edu

10.  Read the search results for each link.  You may recognize something it says or a web site link that will help you decide to visit that site.  You can also look at the links to decide which sites that you might not want to visit.  Steer clear of sites that aren't clear about their content, or contain language or wording that you know you shouldn't be looking at.

Golden Rule of Searching: If any site that you look at contains content or pictures that you don't think you should be looking at, be honest.  Come tell me and you will not get in trouble as long as you are honest.  Inappropriate material should NEVER be searched, but if there is an honest mistake, I should be the FIRST one that you tell.



Search Engines to Use:


Crawler-based search voted four times as "most outstanding search engine."


Shopping search engine that contains the web's oldest directory.

Ask Jeeves

Search by asking questions and preview what the website looks like.


Human compiled listing of websites with a added "yellow pages" feature.


The web's oldest search engine that now is made of human compiled pages.  Try it's "fast forward" feature to see results quickly.

MSN Search

Fast growing search engine that has "hand-picked" sites by it's own team of editors.

Netscape Search

Displays results from Google, but lists Netscape's pages near the top.


Search FTP, MP3, News, Pictures, Movies and more.

AOL Search

Search editorial listings as well as bonuses for AOL users.


Easy access to three of the web's most popular crawler-based engines at once.


Search with the option of "refining" which directs you to a more precise search.


Search engine with Yahoo results on a scaled-down atmosphere.


Experimental, yet dependable search engine that is currently small, but fast growing.  This is one to watch for the future in searching.

Open Directory

Formerly known as NewHoo this search engine has a open directory for searching.


Search Engines Specifically for Kids:

Searches for Kids:



Ask Jeeves For Kids

Ask questions with a in place filter to take out unwanted material.  Check out the "Peek" box to see what others are asking right now.


Includes a giant directory for kid's content on the web.


Large directory of games and many other resources for kids.


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