Supply List:

2016 - 2017

Team USA:


Team USA Supplies:


(1) pencil case


(1)  three-ring binder (2 inch)


(4)  packs of 3” x 5” index cards(lined)


(1) box of colored pencils (sharpened)


(3) #2 pencils (12 pencils in a box)


(1) pack of eraser caps or (1)largeeraser


(1) pack of pens(blue/black and (1) red pen for English class) 

  (1) highlighter


(1) large book sox (for Science) 


(1) lined, 3-hole punched notebook paper (put in binder)


(4) hard covered marble, 100-paged composition books


(1)  folder with binder holes and 2 pockets for homeroom handouts
(1) bottle of white-out


(1)  old, but clean tube sock (will be used as white board eraser)


(1)  container of sanitizing cleaning wipes


(1) box of tissues


(1) free reading book (Student must bring free-reader to every class)
(1) fine-tipped black marker
(1) black Sharpie
(2) boxes of dry erase markers

(1) pack of standard square Post-it notes
(6) sturdy vinyl folders for subject areas or set of 6 dividers



 *Friendly Reminder- Please check the Methacton School District website for the 6th grade summer reading list.



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