Website Evaluation Instrument

This site is designed for elementary students to help them understand the credibility and quality of web sites.  Often times the accuracy of sites is overlooked because of fancy designs, or other qualities of the site that distracts students from looking beyond.  It is essential to look at the site and make sure it is valid, reliable and the information given is from qualified individuals.  Below is a web page evaluation instrument to help students look at a site and quickly realize whether it is worth visiting again, or taking information from it.  To use the instrument just have students print off this page and score each criteria on the left and add up their scores to see whether or not the site is a reliable source of information.  After the scores are added, have the students share their findings with the class to help others understand quality websites.


Name of website being evaluated ________________________

Address of website being evaluated http://________________


1 (below basic)


2 (basic)


3 (proficient)


4 (advanced)


The website loaded quickly


The author's name and email is on the page


The source of the webpage is credible

(the information given is from a qualified person)

The information on the site is accurate and believable


The purpose of the website is clear


The site is easy to navigate


The site was recently updated


The pages are easy to read and well organized


There was an e-mail link on the site to contact the webmaster


The information on the website is facts and not someone's opinion


The information on the website was useful


Graphics were used appropriately


The website was visually appealing with it's layout, color choice, and backgrounds




Now add up the points and see how the website rates:

42-52 = Advanced

32-42 = Proficient

22-32 = Basic

0-22 = Below Basic

Total points earned ___________

Rank of site __________________


Examples of an Advanced Page:


Examples of a Basic Page:



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